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Hi There!

My name is Mark, and I am the founder of Kettlebell Source. I am an avid fitness enthusiast, with various trainer certifications and experience in powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, handbalancing, and of course- the kettlebell!

A little about myself, and why I started this site: I’ve loved all things gym and fitness related for the past 15 years. You’d easily find me in the gym for hours each week, focusing on lifting weights and getting healthier- that is, until COVID hit us all. In the country I was residing in at the time, lockdowns were severe, so it was impossible to get back to the weights I loved. So I tried tons of different ways to workout- mainly calisthenics and yoga.

Eventually, I landed on handbalancing and I love it to this day, but I will say, I missed the feeling of weight in my hands. After some time of searching for just the right tools, I found the kettlebell! After trying a few workouts, I have to say- I was hooked! I felt muscles working I had never felt worked before, the nagging injuries from the years of powerlifting started to shore up with strength and resilience, my cardiovascular fitness improved because of the nature of the workouts, I lost weight (about 25 lbs) and I found myself having tons of fun exploring new movements!

As the father of two kids and a co-owner/operator of a nonprofit sports outreach for underprivileged youth, the kettlebell has been a mainstay in helping me stay fit and keep up with my family!

Why Kettlebells?

As a teenager, I was bullied pretty severely. Being a small, scrawny kids was tough, so I hit the gym- I got bigger, stronger, and the bullying began to slow down and eventually stop. This was great, but I can’t necessarily say I was healthier. As I’ve grown in the last 10+ years, I’ve learned there is more to strength than putting big numbers on my squat or bench (which is still a worthwhile goal!). Where one group of muscles was strong, other supporting muscles were struggling or injured.

As I said earlier, Covid led me to the kettlebell, but the benefits, enjoyment, and RESULTS have kept me with the kettlebell. My Injuries have gone away, my flexibility and mobility are better, and I find myself moving more freely because of the unique nature of kettlebell training.

My hope is that you can use this site as a resource to help pique your interest in kettlebell training. I’m sure you’ll find the training fun and fulfilling, and RESULTS rewarding!

Why Kettlebell Source?

I want others to reap the benefits of kettlebell training! However, I’ve found that there are a couple factors hindering them from diving into this amazing training modality:

First, outside of a standard kettlebell swing, most people don’t really know how to use a kettlebell, and therefore, don’t see its potential. And on top of that there are so many valid questions you can ask! Why are there different kettlebell shapes? What weight should I start with? This is too easy, how do I make it more challenging? (oh, believe me- you can get a killer workout) Or the opposite: this is wayyyy too difficult, how can I scale the movements to make them easier? Browse through my posts to get your questions answered!

Second, skepticism. Will this really work? Coming from the standard form of gym training, I felt the exact same way. Like, how does swinging around something a fraction of the weight I can lift give me a good workout? My encouragement to you, is try it out! That’s what it took for me, and the longer I stuck with the kettlebell, the wider my mind opened up to this wonderful, new way of training.

Third, the PRICE TAG. One of the biggest hindrances to me starting out was the price! Getting a quality kettlebell came with a price tag to match! Anyway, I took the plunge, but I would hate to see others deprived of these training tools because of the price tag. I firmly believe being fit and health should not be reserved only for those who have the disposable income to spend on expensive gym equipment, so I created this place kettlebellsource.com so you can find QUALITY KETTLEBELLS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! (You might even end up saving money on that gym membership!)

I hope you take your first steps into the amazing practice of kettlebell fitness. If you’re like me, I’m certain you’ll love it!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy kettlebelling,



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