Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

You’ve got your kettlebell, your music on, your gym gear on- you’re ready to go! But you look at your kettlebell and wonder “what I am I supposed to  do with this thing?”.  Admittedly, the kettlebell is an oddly shaped piece of exercise equipment (probably why many kettlebell strength feats fall into the “odd lifts” … Read more

The Top 8 Kettlebell Abs Exercises

Who doesn’t want abs? Okay, sounds shallow, but a strong core isn’t just about sporting a six-pack; it’s about the many practical benefits that extend to our daily lives. Your core, composed of muscles in your abdomen, lower back, and pelvis, serves a foundational role in supporting your body and enhancing its overall functionality. Here’s … Read more

Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups: How-To Guide

Time to introduce you to one of my favorite exercises! It is enough to give you a full body workout, help you build strength through almost every plane, and build coordination that transfers over to almost all athletic activities. Kettlebell turkish get ups (TGU) are dynamic and engage the whole body. The move has its … Read more

Top 5 Basic Kettlebell Exercises

I don’t know what drew you to the kettlebell, but for me, it was definitely kettlebell juggling. Seeing these heavy objects fly and flip through air just seemed impossible! (Just search up videos of kettlebell juggling and prepare to be amazed). So I gave it a try…then I realized I really needed to be comfortable … Read more

How to Kettlebell Deadlift (Part 2): 5 Advanced Variations

As we discussed in the previous article, the kettlebell deadlift is a foundational exercise in any kettlebell training program. It provides the key practice of getting the kettlebell off the ground and handling it safely and efficiently. But what if you’ve already mastered some heavy kettlebell deadlifts and want to take it to the next … Read more

How to Kettlebell Deadlift: A Foundational Kettlebell Movement

Imagine an exercise so simple that it seems like child’s play—picking up a weight and putting it down again. You might be wondering, “What’s so special about that?” Well, the kettlebell deadlift, often underestimated for its apparent simplicity, is a powerful tool for perfecting your deadlift form in general, as well as strengthening and protecting … Read more

Kettlebell Muscle Building (Part 1): Can You use the Kettlebell to Build Muscle?

Kettlebell Muscle Building (Part 1): Can You use the Kettlebell to Build Muscle? I first got serious about training using the kettlebell during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the country we lived in, lockdowns were incredibly strict, so as part of those lockdowns, gyms closed as well. I could not access the weights I had grown … Read more

Kettlebell Foundations | The Swing Series: The Kettlebell Swing How To Guide

The Swing Series:  The Kettlebell Swing How To Guide So you’ve got your kettlebell, you’ve read through our articles on “What is the Kettlebell Swing?” and you’re sold on the benefits of kettlbell training.  Now you’re ready to start kocking out some kettlebell swings! Well, almost- but no worries, just read through this short primer … Read more